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Account Data Portability

The Account Data Portability component allows users to display the logic behind data portability of user data
This component consists of a list containing the instructions for forwarding the data generation request, which is sent when the button shown is clicked. Once the file has been created, a second button will appear(which allows the user to download his data).


 import React from 'react';
import {SCContextProvider} from '@selfcommunity/react-core';
import {AccountDataPortability} from '@selfcommunity/react-ui';

function App() {
const conf = {
portal: '<community-path>',
session: {
type: 'OAuth',
token: '<community-token>',
refreshToken: '<community-refresh-token>',
refreshTokenEndpoint: '<community-refresh-endpoint>',
return (
<SCContextProvider conf={conf}><AccountDataPortability /></SCContextProvider>