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FlaggedContributionParams interface



PropertyTypeDescriptionInherited from
author?stringUsername (or part of it) of the contributes' author-
content?stringContent text (or part of it) of the contributes-
contribution_id?numberA unique integer value identifying this Contribution.-
contribution_type?stringValid values are: post, discussion, status, comment-
flagged_by?stringUsername (or part of it) of the contributes' flagger-
limit?numberNumber of results to return per page.BaseGetParams.limit
min_flags?numberMinimum number of flags received by a contribute to display it in this list.-
moderation_status?stringModeration status of the contributes flagged-
offset?numberThe initial index from which to return the results.BaseGetParams.offset
order_by?stringDefault ordering is: -last_flagged_at. Other valid fields are: flag_count, last_moderated_at-