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activebooleanThe group actie status.
colorstringThe color of the group.
created_atstringThe group creation date.
created_bySCUserTypeThe group creator.
descriptionstringThe description of the group.
emotional_imagestringThe group emotional image.
emotional_image_positionnumberThe group emotional image position.
idnumberThe ID of the group.
image_bigstringThe group image, big format.
image_biggerstringThe group image, bigger format.
image_mediumstringThe group image, medium format.
image_smallstringThe group image, small format.
managed_bySCUserTypeThe group admin.
namestringThe name of the group.
privacySCGroupPrivacyTypeThe group privacy.
slugstringThe slug for the group.
subscribedbooleanThe group subscription status.
subscribers_counternumberThe number of group members
subscription_statusSCGroupSubscriptionStatusTypeThe group subscription status.
visiblebooleanThe group visibility.