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Extended by


[p: string]: any


avatarstringAvatar of the user.
biostringUser biography.
can_send_pm_to?booleanIf the logged user is able to send a private message to the requested user (visible only in the get a specific user api response).
categories_counter?numberNumber of categories followed by the user.
community_badge?booleanIf the user has the community badge active.
connection_requests_received_counter?numberNumber of connection requests received by the user.
connection_requests_sent_counter?numberNumber of connection requests sent by the user.
connection_status?stringThe connection status between the request user and this user.
connections_counter?numberNumber of connections of the user.
cover?stringImage Cover of the user.
date_joinedDateDate joined to the community.
date_of_birth?DateDate of birth. Format: YYYY-MM-DD (ISO 8601).
deleted?booleanIf the user account has been deleted
deleted_at?DateDatetime of the account deletion
descriptionstringUser description.
discussions_counter?numberNumber of discussions created by the user.
email?stringEmail of the user.
email_isvalid?booleanEmail is valid. Default: False.
ext_id?numberThe external ID of the user. It is assigned only during signup if necessary.
followers_counter?numberNumber of followers of the user
followings_counter?numberNumber of followings of the user
genderstringGender of the user. Values: Male, Female, Unspecified. Default: Unspecified.
idnumberThe ID of the user.
language?SCLanguageTypeUser language
location_lat_lng?stringLocation in coordinates. Format: lat,lng.
permission?string[]List of user permission. Only for the resource /user/me/.
polls_counter?numberNumber of polls created by the user.
position_lat_lng?stringUser current position. Format: lat,lng.
posts_counter?numberNumber of posts created by the user.
real_namestringReal name of the user.
reg_approved?booleanThe user is approved and can access the community
reputationnumberUser reputation.
role?stringUser role
status?stringUser status. Values: a (approved), b (blocked), d (deleted; soft deleted), u (unregistered). Default: a.
A blocked user can't:
- create contribution (post/discussion/status)
- create comment
- vote/unvote contribution
- follow/connect user
- edit contribution
- suggest an incubator
- flag a contribution
- send a private message
- edit info profile
but he can't:
- follow/unfollow a post/discussion/status
- follow/unfollow a category
- unfollow user
statuses_counter?numberNumber of statuses created by the user.
tagsSCTagType[]User's tag list. List of Tag.
unseen_interactions_counter?numberinteractions counter
unseen_notification_banners_counter?numbernotification banner counter
usernamestringThe username of the user.
websitestringUser website.